• Audio Flare Presents Highway 31


A Passion for Great Music

Audio Flare Records, LLC (AFR) is a boutique, independent record label, established in 2016. AFR is a full-service recording label, specializing in band management, song writing, audio recording, promotion and music/video distribution.

Audio Flare Records is currently dedicated to the management and promotion of its featured artist, Highway 31. Highway 31 signed a multi-album deal with AFR, which led to their debut album release, Traveler, and their current follow-up album, So Hard to Say.   In support of these albums, Audio Flare Records produced and released multiple feature-videos to further promote the singles from each record and has recently re-signed Highway 31 to a new multi-album deal.

Audio Flare Records, LLC distributes Highway 31 music and video releases worldwide. Highway 31 releases can be found on virtually every major music and video platform, such as iTunes, iMusic, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube to name a few.

Featured Band: Highway 31

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